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3 Steps to Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

I have noticed that there will always be times in our lives that will direct us through major leaps and changes. These changes have the ability of getting us off focus and off our center. Of course change isn't bad, but we must learn to move within a certain energetic flow in order to master what we are meant to master. I have learned that I can't master anything at all unless I am fully functioning within my authentic self.

In this blog I am going to share with you a little of my own story finding my authentic self. I'm also sharing 3 very powerful practices that I personally use to remain in my authenticity.

In 2012 I was six years into my marriage and that was when I learned the value and huge benefits of being my authentic self. I realized that I spent the last few years figuring out how to adjust to this new life but in the process I lost my self a little. This can happen in many situations not only marriage, we can loose ourselves to our children, to a job, even family issues can throw us off course.

When I got married, life took a huge turn and I tried my best to adjust to this new change. My life now demanded a new and upgraded version of myself. I quickly realized I was missing very vital tools necessary to continue into my maturity as a woman. I missed all the signs telling me that I needed to take a pause to be alone and with my own thoughts, I needed that time in order to internally taken care of myself. Instead I felt lost and frustrated. I knew how to pray and talk to God but for some reason that was no longer enough. I had to go deeper.

I prayed and slowly learned to get quiet again. Quiet enough so that I could be divinely guided towards healing, towards intuition, and towards my own center.

I learned some valuable lessons. Some lessons are specifically for me and my personal experiences but others are universally beneficial. I'm going to share with you the universally beneficial lessons that were divinely shared with me.

1) It's okay to be in your feelings:

Don't ever allow anyone to tell you different. Especially not yourself. For generations we have existed in a society that minimizes and dismisses feelings. My question is, how is that working out for us?

We have depression running through our society and its evident by how few fulfilling relationships we see around us at times.

It is okay to be in your feelings but there are guidelines. Kickoff this journey with prayer. There will be many feelings that come up and because of that you may awaken pain that is supposed to heal. It's like taking out the trash. It's filthy and smelly and no one wants to do it. Let's take out your trash. Give yourself time to sit in your feelings. You can start with 20 minutes a week and you may eventually find yourself doing more than that. You will learn what triggers you, you will learn to ask yourself better questions, you will learn to allow yourself to cry when your soul needs to cry and you will learn to comfort yourself. You will be divinely supported. God always has our back. Ask and it is given.

2) Use journaling as a powerful tool:

Our words have POWER. Verbal words have power, so imagine the power of written words. Journaling is an extremely powerful spiritual tool towards soul expansion. Write down the feelings you are experiencing, confusions, or inspirations. Write messages to yourself, to God, letters of forgiveness to others that only you will see. Write letters of gratitude, or just write what you did that day because it was a great day or because it was an awful day. You are creating your own sacred writings. There are no rules, there is no judgment, it's a space you create where you can be yourself with yourself and for yourself.

3) Start a light meditation practice:

Meditation can be very simple! You don't need to hum or sit any sort of way in order to start your meditation practice. Meditation is an essential tool towards maturity, inner peace, self love, and divine guidance since it gives us the space we need in order to quiet the noise for a few moments. It gives us time to allow our brain to race through massive noise, followed by rest. Example: have you ever taken a little person to a park on a beautiful sunny day? If your little people are anything like my little people they jet off like a bullet into the fun. They run so hard you get scared that their little feet will trip up. About 30 - 60 minutes later they get thirsty, hungry, and tired then the madness comes to a screeching halt followed by a blessing disguised as a nap. Our brains are the same as that child. It needs it's time.

How it works:

Sit somewhere that you are comfortable. If you like, play soothing music. Don't try to quiet the mind right away. It doesn't work like that. There will be about 5 - 10 minutes where your mind will run wild. Your brain will think of everything it forgot to do, everything it wants to do, everything it is feeling, and it will run so hard thoughts will trip over each other. LET IT! Let it go. Give your brain time to play and to run. Write things down if you are led to. There is no right or wrong here. You know what your soul and your brain needs as long as you give yourself the space. Once your brain is done running around it will want to rest.

These three steps can be used together or individually. Each one of these practices are just beautiful spiritual tools at your disposal as you find your path towards happiness, wholeness, healing, and authenticity.

Gloria Cunningham

Business Strategist and CEO

The Ambitious Soul

A business consulting agency based out of White Plains, NY.

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