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Are You Giving Your Website the Cold Shoulder?

Recently a business owner reached out to me to re-design the website he had his staff build three years ago. Three months before reaching out to me he felt that his website needed something but wasn’t sure what or how to make right.

He found himself in a technical state of confusion and naturally he ignored his gut and moved on to business serving his clientele as usual.

As long as you have some sort of online presence and steady income it’s all good right??


Here is what happened next; He received a call from two of his major clients. One took their business to a competitor and the other lost a client themselves and their business was beginning to fold.

What a blow!

But it happens every day in business! Nothing is permanent!

When clients see that you are staying in tune with the new trends of your industry, they rely on you for the latest and greatest ideas.

How do you think APPLE made their millions? I'll tell you - by staying a step ahead of the game; that is how!

A website is a key component of a successful business! It's your online “profile.” It allows current and potential clients to window shop and take a peek at not only your products and services but also your knowledge, language, and professionalism.

It is literally your online identity. A business identity tells people that you exist! It says that you are ready to service them and be a reliable professional they can trust! If you don’t have a website, people may think you are a “fly-by-night wannabe” and who wants that?

If you do have a website, it must be true to your brand and it must provide an easy visual connection for your public.

A stale business image will drag your business straight down the drain. Here are a few free tips just for you!

  • If you are in business, you must have a website.

  • If you have a website, you must take time to revisit it every six months and improve it. (at least)

  • After the six month revision you must improve your site by tweaking it. (add more content, add a blog, add a video, add friendlier navigation, change some colors around, or provide some free offers)

  • After you have tweaked your site, make note that every year you must refresh your website. Change the layout, add better content or find new ways to connect with individuals who need what you have to offer.

  • Now that you have learned so much; here is the kicker!!!!! Every 3-4 years you MUST completely scrap your site and start fresh!!!!

Looking to revamp your current website or establish a new site? Check out WIX.Com! Very cool layouts and very easy to use. Schedule a free consultation with me by clicking here!

From the bottom of my heart good luck, many blessings, and I pray this free tip was helpful to your business!

Gloria Cunningham

Business Strategist and CEO

The Ambitious Soul

A business consulting agency based out of White Plains, NY.

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