My Objective

 I developed The Ambitious Soul as a method to help others to achieve their life dreams.

Through partnering with my clients, they are equipped and empowered to fulfill their burning ambitious, start their legacy in life, and truly live the life they desire. 


The Ambitious Soul is a movement for us to start dreaming again, to start believing that we can do it and learn what it takes to make it all happen! 

We deserve to break through our circumstances and make major leaps in life. Our SOUL is calling us to be better and reach higher,

I have joined the movement and listen to my

soul’s desires to be

of service to


About Me

My Vision

In school I majored in business because I knew I wanted to run my own company one day.  I had a vision.  

Walking down a long hall way,  black skirt, black stilettos, black leather jacket, and black briefcase full of contracts.

I didn't know how I was going to get there.

After much work, lessons, success, and failures here I am, except instead of a black briefcase I rock a black book-bag.  

My Success Structure

I attribute much of my success in business to the time I invested into my spiritual journey in my younger years. At the age of 16 I decided I wanted to be a full-time minister with the Jehovah's Witnesses. And I did it.  It taught me project management, public speaking, human relationship building, and ethics. As my spiritual enlightenment developed I moved on and away from structural religion but I do love the concept of structure.  

It was during my time at Pace University that I learned the beauty of systematic structure while I studied database information system management.  

My experience with small to large size companies has perfected my ability to develop strong structures.  I have used these tools to develop programs that help entrepreneurs in their journey towards success.  

My Company

For the last nine years I have painfully developed my consulting business from scratch.  I used what I knew to start it and then I learned what I needed to grow my business as I continued to learn, succeed, and fail. It has taken me much self belief, much face, faith, and a connection with God match by the courage and ability to continue dreaming.

How I got Started

Video Story Coming Soon


If you are a business owner, I'm sure you have something to offer your clients. Something that produces high value.

You know that by digging deep and using your gifts, talents, and education you could make your mark on earth.

I walk my clients though the elimination of self-doubt using super powerful business success tools. Together, we discover what your professional value is and clearly define them.

We define your vision and create a blue print to make it all happen.

Then move on to the technical aspects of your business such as, branding, messaging,

marketing, social media, and getting your

mission out there in front

of your ideal clients.


Tired of dead end jobs? Want to move up or move out?

Tired of not using all of your talents and abilities? Want a job that makes you wake up in the morning and run out the door?  

What would it feel like to have a job you love?  


I help my clients to think outside towards freely determining the desired professional direction.

Together we explore my client’s education, skills, talents, and passion in order to develop a strong professional path. 

After understanding the desired professional direction,

we move on implementing effective, fun, and  technical job

seeking tools:

Many of my clients have an inner desire to break out and become limitless.

Feel like perusing happiness and the life you want?

I walk my clients through the powerful journey of sitting in the driver’s seat and taking charge of their lives, calling their own shots, accepting who they truly are, and giving themselves

permission to live their own truth. 

If you are ready to make real moves in your life,

then I’m ready to work with you! 

It’s time to think bigger!



75 South Broadway 4th Floor  |  White Plains, NY  10607

Phone. 914.230.0725  |  Fax: 914.313.1668

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