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Goal + Vision + Plan + THE WORK = AMBITION

Whenever the word ambition is mentioned, there are always some people who will look upon the word disapprovingly.

Why do people do that? Because we have taken on the inferior mindset of others. Many people will criticize others who are accomplishing goals because it reminds them that they are not doing the same.

Many people have associated the word ambition with greed, selfishness, shallowness, ungodliness, and a life that is materialistic.

True story: I had a very bad habit of not finishing what I started. Closets for example, I would embark on the wonderful journey of closet organizing just to empty it all out and leave everything on the floor for a few days because I got overwhelmed. And then there was the time I purchased shelves for my home office and they remained against the wall for nearly two years! This bad habit is still a work in progress, but I am on the road towards mastery in this area of my life.

Back to my story; it all started 4 years ago when my husband bought me a red Calvin Kline pea coat. After wearing it for about a month one button fell off and some of the other buttons were loose. I sat on my couch one evening and while watching a move (The Notebook) I sewed back on the button. Then I stopped and thought “I’m already here, why don’t I tighten all the buttons”? So after 20 minutes of fighting the procrastination urge I gave in and started sewing and tightening one button at a time. I cannot count how many times my brain told me to stop and give up. “This is taking too long, finish tomorrow, my finger hurts, blah blah blah blah”. I ignored it all pushed through and FINSHED. I was training myself to finish what I start and to complete a goal no matter how small it was. Small GOALS are the best way to learn how to tackle the big GOALS. Start small, finish BIG!! That was my lesson.

Yes goals! A goal can be as simple as taking out the garbage every day so that the kitchen doesn’t smell, getting your oil changed on time so that your car is well taken care of, or telling the important people in your life you love them more often.

It can be just that simple. I personally live out my ambition of spreading love freely! I want to love God, the earth, and the wonderful people that surround me.

Here is MY VIEW on the word AMBITION. If you have a goal, it will take work! It will take discipline! It will take some sacrifice! Accomplishing any goal will change you forever!

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