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1) Question from Lisa P. :  It seems like there are lots of services.  How can you help me exactly?

A: We get that answer often. We learned the importance of a team and tools (click to learn more about the concept of team and tools)  early in our journey.  The more tools you have under your belt the more you can resolve issues.  The stronger your team is the further you will go.  It's all about planning a long journey, going further, and resolving the issues that WILL without a doubt rear it's ugly head during our journey. I'll share with you what I could hlep you on, but first I want to finally answer the questions:

How can The Ambitious Soul help you? That all depends on us taking the time to assess your current needs and unlocking your next major goal.

See, as a Certified Life Coach, I know the importance of helping you building an entire picture. It could be a picture of your company on forbes magazine,  a picture of a happy marriage,  a picture of you sitting in a NY loft with a sweaty glass of chardinay hanging off of your fingers.  What your picture looks like to you is all that matters.  My job is to help you create a cristal clear understanding of your own picture.  Then we go on to the TOOLS from our Tools and Team theory. 

It is our job to identify what tools we will use to get you or your organization from point A to point B.

Here are some of my tools, just to mention a few:

Business Coaching:

Branding, Ethnic & Hybrid Marketing, Business Strategy and Implementation, Printing, Graphic & Web Design, Event Marketing

Career Coaching:

Career Assessment, The Career Path, The Building Blocks, Your Resume, Your Cover-letter, Interview Drills, LinkedIn, Post Interview

Life Coaching:

Intentional and Conscious Thought, Inner Healing, Power Struggle, Relationships, Anxiety & Depression Management, Releasing Fears, Defining Success

2) Question from David M: Explain your client base so that I have a better understanding of your specialty?

A: You know David,  I can't explain them without stopping to be in awe of them. Honestly,  they inspire me twice as much as they think I inspire them by moving them forward.  

My clients explained:

Business Coaching:

These clients come in one of two categories pre-launch and post launch. In other words, they are current or aspiring business owners.  The aspiring business owners come to me with what they feel is a pretty solid business idea.  They have probably written down some thoughts or just have a tun of information in their head waiting for order.  Now, the current business owners are seeing success in what they have done so far but they are ready to bring things up to the next level.  Unfortunately sometimes that means repairing many cracks in the foundation.  If they are willing to do the work, I stand by them and we build solid strategies for business sustainability, strategy approach, and growth plans. 

Career Coaching Clients: Range from individuals who process High School Diplomas as well as Professional Degrees who function within the range of professional to management. These clients are looking to sell themselves on paper and in person.  They are looking to find a position that feels right.

Life Coaching:

3) Question from Jacob C.: What does a partnership with the Ambitious Soul look like? Like, how does it function?

A: Jacob, this might be my favorite question.  What I love the most of my business relationships is that a beautiful friendship blossoms post contract.  I feel this happens because a very deep understanding of trust is formed through our journey together.  Whether we are changing your behavior patters or building your empire, we are on a very intimate journey together.  Since it is a journey that requires dedication and trust, I don't take on every potential client.  In order for me to be fully in, I need to feel that you are all in too.  It is the only way this whole thing is going to work.  We will disagree sometimes, I will challenge you other times, I will encourage you, and I will hold you accountable.  I can also promise you that whatever contract we agree to sign, IT WILL GET DONE!

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